The long wait to transition to Opera Cloud from Opera V5 Property Management System (PMS) is finally over at Bliss Hospitality.

Our partner Oracle Corporation informed us that this year, a large number of hotel chains will switch to Opera Cloud and will no longer use Opera PMS Version 5.

Every Hotel’s Operation is Based on Its Property Management System

To understand better what a property management system is, let’s start from the basics.

In every hotel around the world, the rooms inventory, guest reservations, guest profiles, and room status must be managed.

Fidelio PMS, a hotel management system created at the end of the 1980s, became the first solution on the market for this purpose. It positioned itself as a true global solution used by the biggest hotel chains throughout the world.

The end of the 1990s saw the announcement of a new hotel management software: Opera PMS. When it arrived, customers had high expectations about the new features this new software would offer to hotels.

Opera PMS was first implemented in Spain and it took some years for it to evolve into what customers were expecting, but between 2002 and 2003 it became the solution most hotels were waiting for and became the industry’s leading Property Management System.

Opera Pms Logo

Since Opera PMS was first introduced, new competitors emerged but Oracle Hospitality has always been one step ahead, offering clients innovation and reliability. 

Oracle is continuously evolving and making sure they provide the quality and reliability hotels demand. This is why today is the market leader. More than 40,000 hotels around the world trust Opera and are active users of Opera PMS V5 according to Skift.

Opera Cloud: The Future of The Property Management Systems

Today’s technology is moving faster than it did 20 years ago, and hotels have to keep up with this to remain competitive. A Property Management System (Such as Opera PMS) that orchestrates operations, manages guest preferences, inventory, and room rates, all while keeping data secure is now a must for hotels if they want to keep a high-quality service for their guests and reduce operating costs in the process.

Oracle Hospitality has developed a new software called Opera Cloud Property Management. A mobile-enabled PMS that centralizes data and makes it available anywhere, anytime, and to anyone.

This means the software will no longer need to be installed on a physical computer. Instead, hotels just need a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

Moving From Heavyweight Hardware to Cloud-Based Software

Opera Cloud is hosted in the cloud, meaning it will be constantly updated, optimized, and we can expect the ability to connect and interact via web services.

As a result, hoteliers can integrate multiple management and booking solutions, which opens the possibility of automating processes to streamline operations, enable integration, and improve sales processes through faster, easier booking processes.

Moreover, it provides live data about guests so that everyone is kept up-to-date and can offer personalized customer service at the highest level.

The Transition From Opera PMS V5 to Opera Cloud Has Been Completed

Opera Cloud has been continuously evolving and improving for years and it is now ready to become Opera PMS‘s future. It will take the guest experience to a whole new level.

Benefits of moving to Opera Cloud include:

◊ Accessible online and anywhere around the world

◊ No costly on-premise servers

◊ Security managed directly by Oracle

◊ Newly designed modern interface for users

◊ Browser agnostic

◊ Accessible from mobile devices

◊ Greater integration with other hospitality software

◊ API capability

Evolve and Take The Big Step With Bliss

At Bliss, we are continuously evolving too, and we are committed to providing our students with the latest technology in hospitality, so they will have the tools and knowledge to become the next generation of hospitality leaders.

As a result, since we are integrating our Virtual Hotel Vancouver into Opera Cloud, we will be offering an Opera Cloud workshop soon, in addition to the Opera PMS workshop. The goal is to launch our first Opera Cloud workshop early this year.

Join us and be part of the future of hospitality, whether you are a college/university, or a student. Reach out to us if you have any questions or to see how we can work together.

Our goal is to help you develop your skills and grow in this amazing industry.

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