Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find answers to most of the questions our students have about Bliss and our products.

If you still have questions or would like to know more, please contact us.

Our Company

Why Bliss?

We host one-day workshops that provide you with fundamental knowledge and skills of Opera PMS at an affordable price point. You will experience in-person or live via Zoom workshop that allows you to practice and train using Opera PMS. Receive same-day certification.

Who are Bliss's instructors?

Our instructors bring 30 years of hotel experience combined, from pre-opening hotel knowledge, entry level to executive management, our instructors have covered all the poistions and can provide all the support and training you need to excel in your career within the hospitality industry.

Where is Bliss located?

Our head office is located Vancouver BC, however we provide our services online as well.

Can I pay online for your products/services?

Yes, all products / services can be paid online.

Is there a prerequisite to use Bliss services?

For our Opera PMS workshop, you are required to install the system on your PC, once registered for the workshop, one of our Bliss helpdesk representatives will connect with you and ensure the system has been successfully installed and ready for practice.

How can I get in contact with you?
You can contact us directly through our website or reach us by phone at: +1 (604) 725 5381
Do you have any referral / ambassador program?

Yes. We have a great referral program that allows you to receive an incentive for every registration you have managed to bring. Contach us for more information regarding our referral program.

Opera PMS

How are workshops delivered?

Bliss Hospitality workshops are delivered both in-person and live via Zoom.

Will I have access to Opera to practice?

During our workshop, you will be practicing on the actual Opera system, set up as the “Bliss Hotel Vancouver.” If you require extra practice outside of the workshop, you may purchase lab hours to continue practicing on the system.

Why Opera, and not a different PMS?

Opera is the most widely used PMS on the market. Brands like the Four Seasons, Fairmont, and Marriott use Opera. Since it is the most robust of all the systems, you will learn other PMS quickly with the knowledge foundation of Opera.

How are the workshops structured?

Bliss Hospitality workshops incorporate instruction delivery and are followed by practice time immediately after each module. This allows you to practice what you have just learned.

When are the workshops held?

Bliss Hospitality workshops are held on Saturdays. It is a full-day, 8.5 hour workshop and gets you certified by the end of the day.

Is there a final exam?

Yes, there is a test at the end of the workshop. It includes a set of multiple-choice questions and a realistic case scenario. You will receive a certificate after you pass the test.

Will I get a certification after the workshop?

Yes. Upon completion you will receive an accredited certificate. Make sure to update your resume once received.

Lab Time

How do lab hours work?

You can purchase lab time at an hourly rate. A set of practice scenarios will be provided. The last 10 minutes of your lab hour is designated for you to spend with an instructor for feedback and questions. Lab hours are only available for those who have successfully completed the Opera Level 1 workshop.

Where is this Lab located?

Lab hours are located online via Zoom. You must complete Opera Level 1 workshop to be eligible for Lab hours.

Can I do this lab hours virtually?


Interview and Resume Preparation

Who will be helping me?

One of our instructors will be available to provide all the tools and techniques you need to complete a resume and walk into an interview confidently.

Do I need to have anything ready for this session?

You are required to take notes and prepare for some role-play practice with your instructor.

How long does this sessions last?


What if I need more time?


Are these sessions virtual or in-person?

Online via Zoom.

Still have questions? We’d love to hear from you!